Homeschool Questions: Online Learning

Student studying with laptop

Q: Are there any online courses that are worth a homeschooler’s time? Is any work being done in LCMS circles to make online courses (distance learning) available? A: There are good classical education online courses. These websites offer online classical education courses for homeschoolers: Many parents have used online learning for […]

Homeschool Questions: Large Families, Different Learning Styles

Homeschool family

Q: How do I give a thorough classical education to all 5 of my children, who each have different learning styles, without making ME hate or resent the whole process? A: Step by step! Here’s advice gathered from several homeschool families: “Don’t see them as all 5 at once. I am homeschooling 8, but I […]

Homeschool Questions: Partnerships

Homeschool Child

Q: Are there creative ways that homeschoolers are partnering with local public schools or Lutheran day schools? A: We would first refer you to your own state homeschooling laws, which can also be found at this site: “We are fortunate to have wonderful cooperation with the school.Although my kids have participated in the schools, […]

Homeschool Questions: Discernment

Q: How can I as a teacher learn to detect those subtle ideas and teach from a Lutheran angle? A person’s theology affects his pedagogy. Most of the classical curricula available comes from Reformed Protestant or Roman Catholic writers.  Sometimes their theology is blatantly obvious; sometimes more subtle. A: We can always improve our own […]

Homeschool Questions: Parent Education

Homeschool family

Q: Are there current opportunities for homeschool teachers to become “educated?”  I think this is especially important as one more clearly comes to understand Dr. Steven Hein’s slogan, “The teacher is the main event!” A: Yes! Every summer, CCLE offers yearly conferences on classical and Lutheran education. They cover everything from the theory of classical […]