Homeschool Questions: Large Families, Different Learning Styles

Q: How do I give a thorough classical education to all 5 of my children, who each have different learning styles, without making ME hate or resent the whole process?

A: Step by step! Here’s advice gathered from several homeschool families:

“Don’t see them as all 5 at once. I am homeschooling 8, but I rotate time slots with kids, one on one with each. I also combine whenever possible.”

“I would recommend combining things as much as possible. Children within two years or so of each other might be able to do Latin together. I homeschooled just two children, but we always did history and science together, going over common material before sending them off to do activities that were more geared toward their age and development.”

“Homeschooling offers flexibility. Find books at each of the children’s reading levels on a given topic and teach science or history topics as a family. Also, literature may be read aloud and enjoyed by the entire family.

“Sometimes Dad will enjoy this quiet time around the fire or with his children gathered around him in the living room. Discussions can involve each child at his level of understanding. Ask fact questions of the younger children, such as, “What was the name of the boy in this chapter?” Ask analysis questions of the older children, possibly after the younger ones have been dismissed for play, such as, “What would you say is the overall theme of this book?”

“General homeschooling books, available at libraries, offer helpful organizational tips that classical and Lutheran homeschoolers with large families can incorporate into their homeschools.”

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Luther on Education

A compilation of quotations from the writings of Dr. Martin Luther concerning schools, Christian education, and classical education.

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