Homeschool Questions: Online Learning

Q: Are there any online courses that are worth a homeschooler’s time? Is any work being done in LCMS circles to make online courses (distance learning) available?

A: There are good classical education online courses. These websites offer online classical education courses for homeschoolers:

Many parents have used online learning for homeschool over the past several years. Here are some of there experiences:

“We would like to have a good Lutheran option, but for now my high school children are earning accredited transcripts through Seton, a Catholic online school located in Virginia. We opt out of the religion classes, but overall they have very good classical classes, and allow for some classes to be done independently.”

“My daughter is currently taking an online Christian Latin Readings class through Veritas Press. It has been good, but we don’t like certain things that have to do more with school-setting type issues rather than complaints with the class or what is being taught.”

“I really enjoy the Veritas Press self-study courses.  We are doing OT/Ancient Egypt and Middle Ages/Renaissance/Reformation.  I haven’t seen any theological problems, except that they spend a great deal of time on Augustine. We haven’t gotten to the Reformation yet, but I can supplement that with CPH materials if needed.”

“Our son took two course with Memoria Press: British Literature and Government. He especially enjoyed the Brit. Lit. course, because it used Tolkien and Lewis’ writings as a starting point. From there they went back through history to explore the literature that influenced them as writers.”

Statue of Luther

Luther on Education

A compilation of quotations from the writings of Dr. Martin Luther concerning schools, Christian education, and classical education.

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