Student Contests

Each year, our CCLE student contests receive impressive entries from all over the country. Any student who attends a CCLE-accredited school or whose parent has CCLE membership is eligible to enter. Contest winners receive a cash prize, a certificate of merit, and public recognition by the CCLE at the summer conference and on our website.

This year, the CCLE will hold a Penmanship & Calligraphy Contest, a Hymn Composition Contest, and a Recitation Contest. Here are some updates and reminders for 2024:

  1. This year, we will have a Hymn Composition Contest in place of our Essay Composition Contest in honor of our CCLE conference theme for 2024, “Cantate: Sing to the Lord a New Song.”
  2. The contest deadlines for this year have CHANGED. Deadlines will be midnight on:
    • March 15, 2024 for Penmanship & Calligraphy
    • April 15, 2024 for Hymn Composition
    • May 15, 2024 for Recitation
  3. All students who submit entries must attend a CCLE-accredited school or the parents must have CCLE membership.  
  4. Opportunities for all students to participate at a higher level are available; participation for students with special needs is also available.
  5. Contest submissions must not have identifying information (student’s name, school name) on each page. Instead, a cover page is required which will be deleted from the judges’ shared folder to ensure anonymous judging. Failure to follow submission guidelines will result in disqualification.

Congratulations to our 2023 Contest Winners