Homeschool Questions: Parent Education

Q: Are there current opportunities for homeschool teachers to become “educated?”  I think this is especially important as one more clearly comes to understand Dr. Steven Hein’s slogan, “The teacher is the main event!”

A: Yes!

Every summer, CCLE offers yearly conferences on classical and Lutheran education. They cover everything from the theory of classical education to workshops focused on the more practical aspects of teaching at home and in classrooms. Spending time with other classical and Lutheran homeschooling parents provides helpful support too.

CCLE offers formal Continuing Education for teachers, which includes excellent classes and resources in both the philosophy and pedagogy of classical education. Visit our Educator Certification page for more information.

CCLE also publishes the Classical Lutheran Education Journal. You may wish to read or download back issues from many years of the journal (formerly called Classical Education Quarterly).

“I’m working on my master’s right now. Instead of its being overwhelming (though it sometimes is), I find that when the teacher continues his or her education, it sets an excellent example for the children. It also gives me new ideas. I’m excited about learning, and that translates into my children’s home education program.”

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Statue of Luther

Luther on Education

A compilation of quotations from the writings of Dr. Martin Luther concerning schools, Christian education, and classical education.

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