Support for Homeschool Families

The CCLE supports parents in their God-given vocation of educating their children. We have compiled various resources to help and encourage you. Educator Certification and School Accreditation are available to homeschool parents as well as to brick-and-mortar schools. We would urge you to read CCLE’s Marks of a Lutheran and Classical School. While much of this is geared towards an institutional school, there is also much to be gleaned for adaptation to classical and Lutheran education at home.

Whether you are looking for curriculum ideas, supplemental instruction recommendations, or encouragement, we hope you will consider the CCLE a resource for your classical Lutheran homeschool.

For additional information about CCLE Accreditation for Lutheran Homeschools, please use the contact form below.

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Resources for Classical Lutheran Education The CCLE offers a wide variety of resources for Classical Lutheran Educators, Administrators, and parents. Use our Recommendations page to

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Encouragement for Homeschool Parents

We are all regular moms and dads. Most of us were not raised with a classical education, yet we strive to give our own children a better education than we received.

Classical and Lutheran home education requires a great time commitment, but the sacrifice is well worth the harvest in the end. When understood as a God-given and God-strengthened vocation, a mother can approach her children’s education earnestly and seriously. She knows that God will nurture and teach her children through her in spite of her weaknesses. She sits at the table while her children learn math. She purchases (or borrows) books for each child to read and discuss, rather than trying to share one copy. She relegates household chores and personal phone calls to after-school hours and weekends. And she knows that her sacrificial efforts will benefit her children and her family in beautiful and even eternal ways. An inspiring and comforting book on this very Lutheran topic is God at Work, by Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Jr.

Stay enthusiastic. An eager teacher produces eager learners.

Teach just above your child’s present level to stretch him, but do not teach too far over his head. Children who say `this is boring’ often mean to say, `this is hard!’ Be sure your child experiences success in his academic endeavors.

Education is a lifelong experience. We listen to lectures, read books, take classes, etc., so that we can find out what we don’t know or don’t remember. There are also excellent free resources on the internet to help the parent stay on top of the subject matter.

I’m learning Latin with one of my kids….and it is going very well. Just stay ahead of, or at least up with, your child!