About the CCLE

The Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education partners with Classical Lutheran schools, teachers, administrators, and homeschool families. The CCLE provides support, educational resources and a forum of ongoing discussion, communication, and growth of Classical Lutheran Education movement.

Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide: Scripture Alone by Grace Alone through Faith Alone. These were the Reformation pillars of Martin Luther. Luther once said, “Parents can provide their children with no greater gift than an education  in the liberal arts.” The goal of the CCLE is to give every family the opportunity and tools to follow Luther’s advice. The CCLE encourages and serves families, teachers, and schools working to restore the Classical arts of learning and the best traditions of Lutheran Education.

The CCLE provides a variety of services. We provide accreditation, certification, and collaboration. The CCLE accredits Lutheran schools, in conjunction with National Lutheran Schools Association. The CCLE helps schools identify what it means to be classical and to implement that in their schools. Certification is provided for teachers who want to understand Classical Education better and to be classical educators, in either the homeschool or classroom setting. Collaboration enables us to visit with one another. Our annual summer conference and online activities allow networking and furthering the Classical Education movement in our schools and homes.

About Classical Lutheran Education

“A liberal arts education”, “the art of classical learning”, “classical education”: these all refer to the same tradition that’s been the standard of excellence in education for more than three thousand years. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, this was the only sort of education worthy of a free man. The term “liberales artes” literally means “the art of freedom”. It was a return to this classical learning that fueled the Reformation and the Renaissance. Martin Luther, Philip Melanchthon, and Johann Sturm fostered and guided that restoration in the 16th century, setting up schools that became a pattern and model for hundreds of years in America, cultivating wisdom, eloquence, and piety. Today the CCLE is working for the restoration of this inheritance among Lutheran schools and educators.

Classical Education prepares students for lifelong learning for a great future, partly through its emphasis on the arts of language: Grammar, Logic (Critical Thinking) and Rhetoric (Persuasion). Our students will be members of society communicating and talking, citizens deciding and voting. Whatever profession they choose, they will be doing things for other people and with other people. Other forms of education prepare people for jobs here and now. Classical Education not only gives people a great past, it prepares them for jobs that haven’t been invented yet and prepares them to read the books that haven’t been written yet. 

A good education is centered on Christ and His Word. The mandate for Lutheran Education is found in our Lord’s own words: to baptize and teach them everything that Christ has commanded us. Paul’s words in  Ephesians 6  say that fathers are to bring up their children in the nurture (education) and admonition of the Lord. Lutheran Education is designed to give our child that vision of the world in which Christ is at the center and God’s Word is the source of salvation which guides and instructs them. It is our prayer and God’s great promise that God will keep them faithful to Him and bring them to life everlasting.

Martin Luther was passionate about the education of children. He called children eternal treasures.  Luther said a diligent and upright school master, teacher, or anyone who faithfully trains and teaches can never be adequately rewarded or repaid with any amount of money. He said that next to preaching, this is the best, greatest, and most useful office there is. The Consortium heartily agrees. The CCLE is here to help those who are providing our children with a Lutheran Liberal Arts Education.

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