Homeschool Questions: Discernment

Q: How can I as a teacher learn to detect those subtle ideas and teach from a Lutheran angle? A person’s theology affects his pedagogy. Most of the classical curricula available comes from Reformed Protestant or Roman Catholic writers.  Sometimes their theology is blatantly obvious; sometimes more subtle.

A: We can always improve our own catechesis. Here is advice from fellow homeschool parents:

” Here I know of no other way than to be continually reading, studying, listening, and inwardly digesting the Word of God with your children. We can faithfully attend Divine Service, Bible Study, listen to sermons and programs like Issues, Etc.,..”

“Attend CCLE conferences to remind us of the ‘Lutheran’ in classical and Lutheran education.”

“This provides an excellent opportunity to be discerning. We have excellent discussions around the kitchen table about false doctrine and fallacies, whether they are in education or in the media. When in doubt, ask your pastor. There are also many Lutheran homeschoolers and pastors within CCLE available to hear ideas and answer questions.”

Statue of Luther

Luther on Education

A compilation of quotations from the writings of Dr. Martin Luther concerning schools, Christian education, and classical education.

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