Classical Exemplar Excellentiae Domi Award

Calling all classical Lutheran home educators! 

The Board of the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education is pleased to announce the launch of the Classical Exemplar Excellentiae Domi award for home educators. CCLE has established this award for CCLE members who homeschool their children in order to:

  • promote excellence in the practice and understanding of Classical Lutheran education
  • recognize and honor excellence in the performance of classical Lutheran homeschooling

The recipient of the Classical Exemplar Excellentiae Domi award will be officially recognized at our summer conference, CCLE XXIII, at Concordia University, Nebraska. Eligibility and criteria for the Exemplar Excellentiae Domi award includes:

  • CCLE membership
  • Sincere commitment to Lutheran doctrine
  • Committed to and organized use of the trivium and quadrivium
  • Two or more years experience operating a classical homeschool (evidence)
  • Identification, description, and documentation of a specific practice including description of the outstanding practice and documentation of the outstanding practice (for example: video recording, example of assignments, student projects, photographs, etc.)
  • Transferability—how can other homeschools implement this practice

If you have any questions, please contact Anna Martin, executive director, at

In order to apply, please use this application form and submit it to by December 31, 2022.

In Christ,

CCLE Board 2022-2023:

Rev. Stephen Kieser, Chair, permanent Board Member
Rev. Robert Paul, Vice-Chair, permanent
Board Member
Rev. Paul Cain, Secretary, permanent Board Member
Mr. Justin Benson, Treasurer, term Board Member
Dr. Gene Veith, permanent Board Member
Mrs. Cheryl Swope, permanent Board Member
Dr. Gabriel Haley, term Board Member
Mrs. Anna Martin, Executive Director
Dr. Jackquelyn Veith, Director of Accreditation & Certification