Why a Classical Education?

Wisdom, eloquence, and virtue—these are the goals, i.e., the fruit, that a classical education cultivates within its students.  The ancients knew that education should be about more than “basic skills” and mere competency.  A good education transformed, elevated, and refined the mind and the soul.

For thousands of years, the classical arts of learning were the standard for education.  These arts were timeless and proven because they focused on the timeless and proven.  The Good, the True, and the Beautiful were the objects of this sort of education.  Eloquent confessors and wise leaders were its results.

Our communities badly need just these sort of men and women.  In an endless pursuit of the latest educational dogma, most of our schools no longer have the capacity to judge what is Good, True, and Beautiful, much less teach it.  In forsaking the soul for the mind, they have forgotten how to educate both.

Classical Education is a return to excellence in teaching, curriculum, and expectations.  Can you settle for anything less for your child?

Statue of Luther

Luther on Education

A compilation of quotations from the writings of Dr. Martin Luther concerning schools, Christian education, and classical education.

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