CCLE XXIV Summer Conference: Call for Presentations

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Calling all Lutheran educators, pastors, administrators, and home educators! The CCLE is planning our annual summer conference. CCLE XXIV will be held at Concordia University, Nebraska on July 23-26, 2024.

Lutherans have always been known as “the Singing Church.”  Luther’s liturgical reforms included an emphasis on congregational singing, and Lutheran chorales have become treasures of Western music.

Five hundred years ago, in 1524, the first Lutheran hymnal—entitled the Achtliederbuch (book with eight songs)—was published by Martin Luther and Paul Speratus. To commemorate the first Lutheran hymnal, the CCLE XXIV summer conference theme will be: “Cantate: Sing to the Lord a New Song.”

The CCLE XXIV conference committee invites presentation proposals for consideration. Speaker opportunities are limited, so be sure to submit your proposal by December 31, 2023. Presentations do not necessarily need to relate directly to this year’s theme, but should fit under one or more of the following headings:

  • Teaching the classical liberal arts
  • Catechesis—teaching of the faith with confession and prayer
  • Worship—historic forms of liturgy and hymnody
  • Administration
  • Classroom management
  • Culture
  • Curriculum
  • Beauty and aesthetics of a classical Lutheran school
  • Classical pedagogy
  • Classical Lutheran homeschooling
  • Higher education
  • Lutheran theology in classical Lutheran education

Please submit paper/presentation topics to Anna Martin at by December 31, 2023. Conference registration will open in March.

In Christ,

Anna Martin
Executive Director
Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education

CCLE Board 2023-2024:
Rev. Stephen Kieser, Chair, permanent Board Member
Rev. Robert Paul, Vice-Chair, permanent Board Member
Rev. Paul Cain, Secretary, permanent Board Member
Mr. Justin Benson, Treasurer, term Board Member
Dr. Gene Veith, permanent Board Member
Dr. Gabriel Haley, term Board Member

Mr. Nathaniel Pullmann, term Board Member
Mrs. Anna Martin, Executive Director
Dr. Jackquelyn Veith, Director of Accreditation & Certification