CCLE XXIII featured on KFUO Radio

Andy Bates and Sarah Gulseth of KFUO Radio recently talked with three presenters who will be speaking at the CCLE XXIII summer conference at Concordia University, Nebraska, July 18-21.

Rev. Robert Paul, headmaster of Memorial Lutheran Church and School in Houston, Texas, talked about “Culture Cultivation and the Administrator’s Role,” including the role of an administrator in creating school culture and how parents also play a role.

Rev. Phillip Fischaber, pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Walnut, Illinois, talked about “Teaching Latin and Other Languages the Lutheran Way,” including why Latin and other languages are important today, and how teachers can teach Latin to their students.

Matt Rivers, parent and volunteer instructor in music at Faith Lutheran High School in Plano, Texas, talked about “Teaching Hymn Composition to High School Students,” including a discussion of what happens when we set high expectations for our students and how he teaches hymn composition to
high schoolers.

Listen to the full interview here.