Classical & Lutheran Education:  Laying Foundations II

Concordia University, Mequon, WI; July 1-3, 2002

CCLE IV Brochure

Speaker List

  • What is Classical, Lutheran Education – Dr. Gene Edward Veith
  • From Wittenberg to Concordia:  The Lutheran Education Heritage – Dr. Patrick Ferry
  • Modern Schooling: The Influence of Utopian Visions in the Dumbing-down of American Education – Dr. Steven Hein
  • Luther on Education – Pr. Joel Brondos
  • The Place of Rhetoric in Classical, Lutheran Education – Dr. James Tallmon
  • Teaching Christian Apologetics – Dr. Steven Hein
  • Teaching the Spaulding Method: Phonics, Handwriting, Spelling, Reading, & Writing – K. Gaub, L. Snyder, B. Garwood, D. Stroup
  • Reading at Home – Bruce Gee
  • Catechesis – Pr. Peter Bender
  • Visions of Excellence: A Look Inside The Classical Curriculum at Mt. Hope – It works! – K. Gaub, L. Snyder, B. Garwood, D. Stroup
  • Teaching the Reformation through Its Great Debates – Dr. Steven Hein
  • Teaching Western Civilization:  The Classical and Medieval Periods – What Should Be Taught & Why – Kathleen Hein
  • The American Revolution – W. Cario
  • Science – M. Korte
  • Literature – Dr. Gene Edward Veith
  • The Gospel in the Classroom:  Teaching & Proclamation – Pr. Robert Schaibley
  • So You Want to Go Classical? – Stephen Kieser
  • Imitatio:  Cultivating Style, Eloquence and Imagination Through Oratory – Dr. James Tallmon
  • Daily Liturgical Worship in a Classical, Lutheran School – Pr. John Hill
  • Founding an Organization for the Training, Accrediting, Recruiting, and Encouraging of Classical, Lutheran Education – Stephen Kieser
  • Latin and the Classical Christian Curriculum:  An Apologia and Practical Suggestions – Dr. E. Christian Kopff
  • Brain Differences Between Girls and Boys and the Difference it Makes for Classical Education – Pr. Robert Schaibley
  • Art Guilds for the Lutheran School – K. Hughes, R. Pollock