2024 Classical Exemplar Excellentiae Domi Award

The Board of the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education has established the Classical Exemplar Excellentiae Domi award for CCLE members who homeschool their children:

  • To promote excellence in the practice and understanding of Classical Lutheran education
  • To recognize and honor excellence in the performance of classical Lutheran homeschooling

If you wish to apply for the Classical Exemplar Excellentiae Domi Award, please review the whole application below to familiarize yourself with the requirements. All documentation should be emailed (as a zip file, portfolio, etc.) to executive.director@ccle.org by December 31, 2023. There is NO application fee.

The CCLE board will evaluate your application and documentation. Decisions to award the Classical Exemplar Excellentiae Domi Award will be made after consideration by the entire CCLE Board and announced in the spring 2024.

Individuals selected for the award will receive a certificate, a modest financial award and waived conference registration for the next conference.

Any questions about the process should be directed to executive.director@ccle.or

Exemplar Excellentiae Domi Application

Personal Information
Describe your home school
Describe in a brief narrative your EFFECTIVE PRAXIS:
  • How does it fit into classical education?
  • Is it in a particular curricular area?
  • How is it supported by your Lutheran faith?
  • What instruction do you provide?
  • What assignments do you require of your children in this area?
  • How can another parent adopt or incorporate this effective praxis into another homeschool?
Please provide the following documentation by emailing them to executive.director@ccle.org.
  1. A letter of recommendation from your current pastor which speaks to your commitment to Lutheran doctrine and participation in your congregation.
  2. A letter of recommendation from another adult familiar with your character and knowledgeable about classical education (relatives acceptable). The other adult’s letter should address your understanding and implementation of classical education pedagogy in your homeschool.
  3. Documentation of your best praxis in classical education philosophy and methodology. Documentation may consist of (but is not limited to):
    • video recordings
    • teacher and student anecdotes of teaching activities and results
    • summaries of student projects
    • photographs
    • comments from other adults