Adopting Classical Lutheran Education: A Guide for Educators

Adopting Classical Lutheran Education is a collection of resources, information, and practical advice that is designed to help Lutheran school teachers, administrators, and home school parents make the transition to classical education. It is also a useful tool for those already practicing classical Lutheran education in honing their craft. Included in this book are stories of schools that have successfully achieved the transition, so that others may benefit from their experiences.

“Adopting Classical Lutheran Education is an invaluable book for teachers, administrators, pastors, and parents seeking guidance on integrating classical liberal arts education into their educational setting. With its practical guidance and a wealth of valuable resources, this compilation, compiled by seasoned educators with extensive experience in the field of classical Lutheran education, effectively fills a much-needed gap.”

—Rev. Dr. Thomas Korcok, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary


Published: February, 2023
Pages: 112
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