Dr. Jackquelyn Haws Veith

Dr. Jackquelyn Haws Veith

Advisory Director 2020-Present, Executive Director of Educational Certification for CCLE

Jackquelyn Veith lives in Blackwell, Oklahoma and is married to Gene Edward Veith. They have three adult children and twelve grandchildren. She earned her BS from the University of Oklahoma, her MS from Concordia University Wisconsin, and her Ed.D. from Shenandoah University. After academic careers in Wisconsin and Virginia, they moved to Blackwell, Oklahoma, to retire near grandchildren. Based on her teaching experience (25 years in K-12; 8 years in higher education) she knows classical education is a stronger approach than current practices. She supports the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education (CCLE) through school accreditation and teacher certification processes. She is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Blackwell, Oklahoma.

How did you become involved with CCLE? Married to Gene Edward Veith, how could I not?

In just 1-3 sentences, how would you describe Classical education to someone who is unfamiliar with it?  Classical education is teaching children content in context using established methods for successful learning, not experimenting with children to push particular agendas. Classical education wants all children to think for themselves, to decide for themselves, and to understand the responsibilities and consequences of their decisions.

Share one unique story of “Classical education at work” – a classroom experience, homeschool experience, CCLE conference experience or other:   In a 5th grade physiology class, I saw a teacher explaining how exercise creates small tears in muscles which, in healing, make the muscles stronger. She immediately connected this lesson to how resisting temptations strengthens our faith in God and makes our faith stronger. The teacher gave her students an outstanding, easily understandable image of how God’s creation works on multiple levels.