CCLE XXIII summer conference: vendor, advertiser, and sponsorship opportunities!

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education’s summer conference, CCLE XXIII, will take place on July 18-21, 2023 at Concordia University, Nebraska. This year’s conference theme is “Learning in the Two Kingdoms.”

We are currently accepting conference vendors, advertisers, and sponsors. Additional print advertising opportunities are also available in our upcoming academic journals. Deadlines and details for each opportunity are available at

The CCLE summer conference provides support, resources, encouragement, and instruction to classical Lutheran teachers, administrators, pastors, college professors, and homeschool families, and our printed publications are distributed to these audiences and beyond. Become part of this growing movement by signing up as a vendor, sponsor, or advertiser today…and please share this information with those you know who may be interested!

In Christ,
Anna Martin
Executive Director
Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education

CCLE Board 2022-2023:
Rev. Stephen Kieser, Chair, permanent Board Member
Rev. Robert Paul, Vice-Chair, permanent Board Member
Rev. Paul Cain, Secretary, permanent Board Member
Mr. Justin Benson, Treasurer, term Board Member
Dr. Gene Veith, permanent Board Member
Dr. Gabriel Haley, term Board Member

Mr. Nathaniel Pullmann, term Board Member
Mrs. Anna Martin, Executive Director
Dr. Jackquelyn Veith, Director of Accreditation & Certification