CCLE acknowledges the faithful service of Mrs. Cheryl Swope

Blessings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

With deep gratitude, the CCLE Board would like to acknowledge twelve years of faithful service on the part of our dear sister in Christ, Cheryl Swope. She has served diligently and wisely, selflessly giving of her time, knowledge, and gifts for the furtherance of classical Lutheran education. Her talents in writing, speaking, and educating others have benefitted so many of us, and her work in the area of special needs education and homeschooling is unmatched.

As of November 1, Mrs. Swope will no longer be serving on the CCLE board so that she might attend to various other vocations with which she has been blessed. The CCLE board looks forward to continuing our friendship and partnership with Mrs. Swope in other capacities in the years to come.

May the Lord bless Mrs. Swope in her continued work in classical education.

In Christ,

In Christ,
CCLE Board 2022-2023:
Rev. Stephen Kieser, Chair, permanent Board Member
Rev. Robert Paul, Vice-Chair, permanent Board Member
Rev. Paul Cain, Secretary, permanent Board Member
Mr. Justin Benson, Treasurer, term Board Member
Dr. Gene Veith, permanent Board Member
Dr. Gabriel Haley, term Board Member
Mrs. Anna Martin, Executive Director
Dr. Jackquelyn Veith, Director of Accreditation & Certification