Homeschool Questions: Online Learning

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Q: Are there any online courses that are worth a homeschooler’s time? Is any work being done in LCMS circles to make online courses (distance learning) available? A: There are good classical education online courses. These websites offer online classical education courses for homeschoolers: Many parents have used online learning for […]

Homeschool Questions: Large Families, Different Learning Styles

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Q: How do I give a thorough classical education to all 5 of my children, who each have different learning styles, without making ME hate or resent the whole process? A: Step by step! Here’s advice gathered from several homeschool families: “Don’t see them as all 5 at once. I am homeschooling 8, but I […]

Homeschool Questions: Partnerships

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Q: Are there creative ways that homeschoolers are partnering with local public schools or Lutheran day schools? A: We would first refer you to your own state homeschooling laws, which can also be found at this site: “We are fortunate to have wonderful cooperation with the school.Although my kids have participated in the schools, […]

Homeschool Questions: Discernment

Q: How can I as a teacher learn to detect those subtle ideas and teach from a Lutheran angle? A person’s theology affects his pedagogy. Most of the classical curricula available comes from Reformed Protestant or Roman Catholic writers.  Sometimes their theology is blatantly obvious; sometimes more subtle. A: We can always improve our own […]

Homeschool Questions: Parent Education

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Q: Are there current opportunities for homeschool teachers to become “educated?”  I think this is especially important as one more clearly comes to understand Dr. Steven Hein’s slogan, “The teacher is the main event!” A: Yes! Every summer, CCLE offers yearly conferences on classical and Lutheran education. They cover everything from the theory of classical […]

Board Books and Picture Books to Teach Hymns to Children

Kloria Books

Kloria Publishing has created a series of beautifully illustrated board books and picture books designed to teach the rich treasures of Lutheran Hymnody to children. Titles include: God’s Own Child, I Gladly Say It A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Lord, Thee I Love With All My Heart Dear Christians, One and All Rejoice O […]

Classical Lutheran Education 101

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Key Elements of Classical Education Recitation and repetition during early stages and during introductory study of any content area Diligent study and analytical thought as the child matures Cultivation of eloquence, beauty, and persuasion in the student’s writing and speaking Socratic questioning for the pursuit of truth The reading and analysis of good literature The […]

Why Lutheran Education?

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The first “Lutheran” schools were formed for the precise purpose of offering a classical education to a broader segment of the population than had ever been offered before that time.

Why a Classical Education?

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Wisdom, eloquence, and virtue—these are the goals, i.e., the fruit, that a classical education cultivates within its students.