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Introduction to Classical Lutheran Education

Classical Lutheran Education, Defined

History of Lutheran Education

Classical Lutheran Day Schools

The Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education

Read Articles from our Classical Lutheran Education Journal

Liberation from Captivity: The Genius of Lutheran Liberal Arts Education,
Dr. Angus Menuge, XVI
PDF    Audio

Liberation from Captivity–The Genius of Lutheran Liberal Arts Education,
Dr. Angus Menuge, XVII

What is Classical About Classical Lutheran Education?
Rev. Robert Paul, XVII

What is Lutheran About Classical Lutheran Education?
Rev. Robert Paul, XVII

Practicality of Pedagogy,
Dr. Tallmon, XVII

Practicality of Pedagogy,
Dr. Tallmon, CCLE XVI
Powerpoint  Audio


Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

A Pedagogy of Beauty,
Dr. Kenneth Calvert, CCLE XV Plenary
Part1  Part2  Part3 Handout

A Pedagogy of Goodness,
Dr. Scott Ashmon, CCLE XVI Plenary
Audio1   Audio2   Audio3

A Pedagogy of Truth,
Rev. John Hill, CCLE XVII Plenary
Video1  Video2  Video3

Truth in Educational Theory,
Dr. Thomas Korcok, XVII
Audio1    Audio2    Audio3

Truth in Lutheran Education,
Rev. Robert Paul, XVII

The Progymnasmata: Training to Recognize, Contemplate, and Emulate Virtue,
Miss Heather Judd, XVI

Rev. Adam Hensley, XIII
Worldview Workshop Handout


Topics at CCLE Conferences I through IX, 1999 to 2009


Other Plenary Presentations



Trivium (The Arts of Language)


Grammar – all that is foundational in language



Latin and Liturgy with Children,
Rev. Paul J Cain, XIV
PP  Audio

The Beauty of Latin,
Rev. Paul J Cain, XV
PP  Handout  Audio

The Contagion of Loving Latin: Practical Tips for Instilling a Love of Latin in Students,
Rev. Christian Preus, XVII


Logic – analysis of language


Rhetoric – eloquence, beauty, and persuasion with language

The Unfortunate Truth about Rhetorical Studies,
Dr. Tallmon, XVII
FirstAudio   SecondAudio


Quadrivium (The Arts of Mathematics)

Teaching Truth in Science and Math,
Rev. Kieser, XVII
FirstAudio    Second Audio

The Quadrivium: Aesthetics in Music and Science,
Dr. Menuge, XVI Sectional
PDF  Audio

Teaching Science Classically,
Mr. Robert Hickey, XIII Sectional
Teaching Science Classically: Bibliography  Teaching Science Classically Power Point


Discrete quantity or number
Arithmetic – theory of number

Teaching the Truth in Mathematics,
Mrs. Tauschek, XVII
Audio    SecondVersionAudio

Discrete quantity or number
Music Theory – application of the theory of number


Continuous quantity
Geometry – theory of space


Continuous quantity
Astronomy – application of the theory of space



Teaching Classical Myth in Christian Schools,
Rev. Christian Preus, XVII

Teaching Truth in Literature,
Dr. Gene Edward Veith, XVII
Audio1   Audio2   Audio3


Lutheran Theology, Practice, and History

Lutheran Education and Baptism

A Theology of Worship for Classical Lutheran Educators,
Rev. Paul J Cain, XVIII Certification Course
Audio1 Audio2 Audio3

Law and Gospel,
Rev. Paul J Cain, XIII Certification Course
Law and Gospel Handout  Luther Sermon PowerPoint
Audio1   Audio2   Audio3

Law and Gospel,
Rev. Paul J Cain, XVI Certification Course
Handout     LutherSermon    PP
Audio1     Audio2     Audio3

The Gospel in the Lutheran Confessions,
Rev. Paul J Cain, XVII Certification Course
Handout  PP
Audio1   Audio2   Audio3

Classical Christian Education and Truth in Luther’s Bondage of the Will,
Dr. E. Christian Kopff, XVII Banquet Speech
Video (Including Banquet Presentations)

Why Luther Preferred Plato to Aristotle in the Heidelberg Disputation of 1518,
Dr. E. Christian Kopff, XVII

Classical Education of the Reformation and Truth,
Dr. Mobley, XVII
PP AudioVersion1   AudioVersion2

Truth in our Lutheran Hymnody,
Rev. Mark Preus, XVII

The Gospel and Goodness,
Rev. Ring,  XVI


Worldview, Apologetics, and Culture

Feminization of the Church: Challenges for a Classical Lutheran Education,
Dr. Hein, XVII
Audio1  Audio2  Audio3

Raising our Children in Truth,
Rev. Rolf Preus, XVII
Audio1  Audio2  Audio3

Truth in Culture and Romans 1,
Rev. Paul Nus, XVII


Teacher Topics

On Taking Students Seriously,
Mr. Demarest, XVII
Paper  Audio


Homeschool Topics

Classical Lutheran Homeschooling 101


Administration Topics

Headmaster Roundtable,
Rev. Cain, XI
Audio  Notes

Headmaster Roundtable,
Rev. Cain, XIV

Truth and Practice in School Administration,
Rev. Kieser, XVII
Audio  Handout



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