A Handbook on Classical Lutheran Education

A Handbook on Classical Lutheran Education:
The Best of the Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education’s Journals
  • What is Lutheran education?
  • What is classical Lutheran education?
  • Are these terms the same?

Explore answers to these questions in A Handbook on Classical Lutheran Education, a unique resource from the Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education.

Adapted from the book’s Foreword by Dr. Gene Edward Veith:

“This handbook explains what classical Lutheran education is and why it is needed today. It shows the importance of classical education to Western civilization in general and to the Lutheran tradition in particular. The articles are gleaned from two journals published by the Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education: The Classical Education Quarterly and The Classical Lutheran Education Journal.

This collection shows how to teach using this educational approach (e.g., music, history, English, writing). It suggest ways that a classical curriculum can be implemented in different contexts, such as in classical schools, homeschools, homeschool/parochial school hybrids, and special education.”