CCLE Is Hiring!

The Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education (CCLE) is seeking applications for a new position:

Executive Director

Job Overview

The Executive Director of the CCLE is a salaried, non-exempt, part-time (18-24 hours/week on average) position. The Executive Director of the CCLE manages the day-to-day operations of the organization and maintains the physical properties of the CCLE.

Reports To: The Executive Director will report to the Board of Directors of the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education.

Direct Reports: The hired, contracted and volunteer staff of the CCLE, such as the Director of Accreditation and Certification, reports to the Executive Director.


  • Advocate of confessional Lutheran doctrine and a classical approach to education
  • Member of an LCMS congregation and Member of the CCLE.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • CCLE Certified Educator or Administrator (or certified within two years of hire)

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Works with Board Members, staff, and volunteers to further the mission of the CCLE
  • Reports monthly to the CCLE Board on operations of the CCLE
  • Oversees CCLE Accreditation and CCLE Educator Certification
  • Ensures compliance with civil (IRS, TX, IN) and ecclesiastical (LCMS RSO) regulations
  • Ensures adherence to the approved CCLE Budget
  • Oversees planning and execution of the CCLE annual summer conference
  • Manages communications on behalf of the CCLE, including emails, public relations, queries, schools, and other partner organizations of the CCLE (CALLA, Issues, Etc)
  • Manages the CCLE Membership list and serves as primary contact for classical Lutheran education consultations with pastors, teachers, schools and home educators
  • Oversees marketing and promotion for the CCLE; the Classical Lutheran Education Journal; CCLE Contests; and the work of the CCLE webmaster, administrator, et al

Submit to before March 31:

  • Cover Letter
  • CV/Resume
  • References including your pastor. If you are a pastor, include your Circuit Visitor or District President.

In this long-awaited milestone of hiring an Executive Director, we give thanks to God for the tremendous growth of classical Lutheran education among our schools and homeschools.

With special thanks to the Roy D. and Ingaborg G. Randolph Memorial Endowment Fund, we remain your CCLE Board of Directors,


2020-2021 CCLE Board of Directors
Rev. Stephen Kieser (Chair, permanent board member)
Rev. Robert Paul (Vice-Chair, term board member)
Rev. Paul Cain (Secretary, permanent board member)
Dr. Gene Veith (permanent board member)
Mrs. Cheryl Swope (permanent board member)
Mrs. Melinda Heine (term board member)
Mr. Justin Benson (Treasurer, term board member)