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Justin Benson

(2019-Present, Current Term Expires in 2022)

Where do you live? Chatfield, Minnesota. I am married to Jocelyn and we have been given four children; Asher, Malachi, Ephraim, and Miriam. I grew up on a farm in South Dakota and have a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from South Dakota State University. I serve as Executive Director of Wittenberg Academy and provide for my family through a secular job in Quality Management for a food company.

How did you become involved with CCLE? My wife and I started Wittenberg Academy in 2011 and since then have attended each CCLE conference since then. We have brought teachers from our school to each conference starting in 2013 each year through the most recent conference. Our school was first accredited in 2014. CCLE has been an important part of our journey in starting an online Lutheran school and in home educating our children.

 In just 1-3 sentences, how would you describe Classical education to someone who is unfamiliar with it? Classical education is really just education as we as man used to know it. We teach enduring things to our students because we want them to endure. We take the best of what has been given us whether it be grammar, language, music, history, or theology or the methods of teaching and give it to them.

Melinda Heine








Melinda Heine
2018-Present, Current Term Expires in 2021

Melinda Heine has served as a Lutheran teacher, home-school mom, and pastor’s wife. She is a past recipient of the LCMS Rocky Mountain District’s “Lutheran Educator of the Year” award, and the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education’s “Magistra Magna” award.  She currently resides in Alabama, serving as a CCLE term Board member.