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CCLE XXII: July 5-8, 2022

Ad Fontes: Cultivating the Habits of Classical Lutheran Education

CCLE XXII “Ad Fontes: Cultivating the Habits of Classical Lutheran Education” will be held at Redeemer Classical School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The dates for the conference are July 6-8, 2022, Wednesday to Friday with a pre-conference on Tuesday, July 5.

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In Christ,
CCLE Board 2021-2022:

Rev. Stephen Kieser, Chair, permanent Board Member
Rev. Robert Paul, Vice-Chair, term Board Member
Rev. Paul Cain, Secretary, permanent Board Member
Mr. Justin Benson, Treasurer, term Board Member
Dr. Gene Veith, permanent Board Member
Mrs. Cheryl Swope, permanent Board Member
Dr. Gabriel Haley, term Board Member
Mrs. Anna Martin, Executive Director
Dr. Jackquelyn Veith, Director of Accreditation & Certification
Mr. Nathaniel Pullmann, Advisory Director

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