Discamus Project

Discamus ut Doceamus: Let us learn so that we may teach

Adult Latin Class and Adult Greek Class beginning late September 2015. (Over 18 only.)

Join experienced Latin and Greek teachers

through any of these one-year 2015-2016

classes for adult learners.


WHY:  Classical educators recognize the importance of teaching Latin and Greek to their children and students, yet many do not know or remember the languages themselves!

WHO: Any classroom teachers, homeschoolers, headmasters, and more

WHAT: Take any of these classes.

WHEN: Meet every other week, beginning later in September, 2015. See specific class schedules for exact dates. The final class will be a celebration at CCLE XVI, July 19-21, 2016, broadcast live!

WHERE: Online, synchronous classes with Moodle as the learning management system (LMS) and Anymeeting for the live classroom software. All live class sessions are recorded and posted in the online classroom.

This combination will allow for the disbursement of slides, handouts, quizzes, etc. with real-time voice and video access to the teacher during class sessions. To join the class, a computer with internet is required, and a headset is recommended.

Latin teachers, including Joanna Hensley and other CCLE members, will share teaching duties for Latin.

Intro to New Testament Greek taught by The Rev. Charles Henrickson.


  1. Register. (Payment is made via the form)
  2. Obtain your textbook. 


  • CCLE Members $90 per class. (If you attended CCLE XV, you are a CCLE member.)
  • non-CCLE Members $130 per class.  Save by Joining CCLE for $25 then register for class fee of $90 for a total of $115.