Monthly Archives: October 2013

Recent Hour-long Interviews on KFUO-AM

Classical Lutheran Day Schools

 Rev. John Hill on Faith & Family


–Western civilization, enculturation

–why Latin?

–history of classical Lutheran education

–what about creativity?

Classical Lutheran Homeschooling

 Cheryl Swope, M.Ed. on Faith & Family


–homeschooling pro’s and con’s

–Lutheran day schools’ outreach to Lutheran homeschoolers

–homeschooling the special-needs child

–classical Lutheran education in the home


Liberal Arts & Lutheran Education

 Dr. Thomas Korcok with Dr. Ken Schurb (as substitute host) on Issues, Etc.


–why Lutheran schools?

–Luther, Melanchthon, Bugenhagen

–Froebel, kindergarten, & Lutherans

–baptism, catechesis, & vocation inform Lutheran education